Riverfront Sports Center

In 2018, Huayi became the lighting supplier for the Riverfront Binhe Sports Center. In order to host the National Youth Games, it had to undergo a series of serious renovations. The newly renovated centre has an air of innovation and grandeur about it, accentuated by its lighting design.

Customised Lighting Design.

Due to the rigid, complex structure of the center, which spans a total of 21,216m² and a height of 23.95m, the lighting needed to be customised in order to fit in the space available.

A Welcome Hard to Forget

Based on the architectural drawings, the Huayi team conducted actual measurements of the structure of the curtain wall, taking special note of each turning and connection point, and repeatedly discussed and formulated the parameters of the various lamps, so that the lighting and structure of the building could blend seamlessly together.