What Does is Mean to be a Partner?

Joining our local distributor network offers host advantages for your company!

It gives you access to a diverse range of high-quality lighting products, giving you a competitive edge in your local market. It saves you years of creating rapport and trust with your clients, trust we have been earning for 36 years.

Our partnerships come with training, support, and collaborative marketing efforts, helping you to effectively promote and sell our products.

This long-term relationship will open doors to new market opportunities and streams of income. Join us on our journey to take the Huayi name all over the world.

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Distributor Benefits

Global Product Line

Gain access to a wide range of lighting products offered by Huayi. This includes the newest products in our commercial, architectural and decorative lighting ranges.

Brand Recognition

With hundreds of high value projects completed, and an unrivalled product range, our reputation is known throughout the four corners of the globe. Our partners enjoy added customers and increased trust through leveraging our reputation.

Project Capabilities

Unlock untapped market growth through priority access to the newest products and a brand name that is known throughout the world. Our partners dominate local markets.