A view of the hotel from a far, displaying it and Dubai's incredible lighting capabilties.

The JW Marriot Marquis Hotel Dubai

The Emirates Park Towers Hotel is a twin-tower five-star JW Marriott Marquis Hotel in Dubai. Standing at 80 storeys and 355m high, it is a spectacle in the Dubai Night Sky. We provided a range of lighting from general and waterproof lighting to lighting for its restaurants and ballrooms.

An image of one of the restaurants in the JW Marriot Marquis Hotel.

Lively Lighting.

We worked effortlessly to come up with a lighting design that would complement the lively atmosphere created in the many different parts of the hotel. We chose light fixtures that would spark interest, intrigue and make every experience memorable.

A deluxe suite in the JW Marriot Marquis Hotel.

Effortless Luxury

The lighting in and throughout the hotel is simple, yet of the highest quality. It has been designed to give off nodes of luxury and elegance, without feeling like it is forced or like we have tried too hard. It creates an atmosphere fit for royalty.

A vibrant night time view of the JW Marriot Maquis Hotel Dubai