Xiamen International Conference Center

Standing as the centerpiece for the 2017 BRICS Summit, the Xiamen International Conference Center boasts a grand arrival experience through its east and west welcoming corridors. These corridors, serving as the venue's facade, seamlessly blend Xiamen's iconic Poinciana trees and the traditional gable shapes of local architecture.

Beyond Brilliance

These remarkable lamps weren't just bright; they were environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and anti-corrosive. Their high IP protection level guaranteed optimal performance in any weather condition. In essence, Huayi delivered the perfect harmony of aesthetics, functionality, and durability, exceeding the demands of the renovation project and leaving a lasting impression on the world stage.

With Precision

The east and west corridors of the Xiamen International Conference Center, its grand entrance for the 2017 BRICS Leaders' Meeting, presented a unique lighting challenge. The magnificent copper beams, intricately woven into traditional gable shapes, left minimal space for lamp installation. Yet, the project demanded exacting standards: precise light angles, minimal glare, and perfect color consistency.

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium featuring some of the most innovative facade lighting of its era.