Central Gifts and Artifacts Center

The Central Gifts and Cultural Relics Management Center is a major cultural relics protection project that strives to protect some of the greatest artefacts of the People's Party of China. We were commissioned to provide custom decorative lighting fixtures for the central hall, multi-purpose hall and public areas.

Lotus Lighting.

The lotus is a central theme in Chinese Art. This theme is brought to life in the custom design of this unique Lotus-shaped chandelier. Made with copper, imported alabaster and high quality LED lights, it is an centerpiece of the Center.

Meaningful Magnificence.

Each light we have made has been made with a very specific purpose and meaning in mind, and these lamps are no exception. The cloudy exterior of the lamp covering symbolises prosperity - for the past 100 years and going into the next 100 years - while the stainless steel frame has been cut into a zigzag shape to symbolise progression and change made by the Party.