A last stage 3d render of what the Silk Road Congress center would look like.

The Silk Road | Samarkand

Nestled in the heart of Central Asia, Samarkand stands as a timeless testament to Uzbekistan's rich history and its pivotal role on the fabled Silk Road, the ancient trade route linking China to the Mediterranean. As a beacon of architectural splendor and cultural heritage, the "Silk Road | Samarkand" complex pays homage to this legacy. Boasting eight luxurious hotels, a state-of-the-art conference centre, and a myriad of captivating attractions, it seamlessly marries the grandeur of ancient traditions with the finesse of contemporary design and architecture.

The Samarkand Regency Hotel at night.

The Samarkand Regency

The hotel’s concept is based not only on the rich historical heritage of this region but also on the international experience and global standards of the hospitality industry. Samarkand Regency Amir Temur has become the first and so far the only hotel in Central Asia being a member of the prestigious association – The Leading Hotels of the World.

The Silk Road Samarkand Congress Center at night.

The Congress Centre

The Silk Road Samarkand resort provides a spacious congress center with a total area of more than 28,000m². This is a building decorated in the oriental style with large panoramic windows and palatial lighting. Its high-tech venue equipped with modern hardware is designed for hosting congresses, conferences, symposiums, exhibitions, presentations, shows, and banquets.

A map of the Silk Road | Samarkand.