The Howard Johnson by Wyndham, Nanning

Nanning is a city known for being half green trees, and half tall towers. The Howard Johnson Hotel most certainly adds to the many beautiful buildings that have given rise to what the city is known for. The design of the hotel is inspired by a hibiscus flower, seen in the white accents and outer tapering of the structure of the hotel. As the exclusive supplier of interior lighting, we used the same inspiration as we designed and provided the lighting.

Living Luxury.

As the host of the ASEAN Expo, the hotel makes use of sophisticated and elegant designs in all of its 321 rooms. Water-inspired lighting in its rooms seeks to create, through curved wall lights, and led strips on the walls and ceilings, a cozy, but elevated atmosphere.

Dining Delight.

The traditional Chinese restaurants have been designed with lamps that blend modern design with ancient culture. The lighting has been designed to provide sufficient light while also allowing for contrasting shadows. The chandelier has been designed freehand in order to get a more natural lotus petal shape, allowing for a lighting effect that brings in contrast, softens the light and highlights the texture of the chandelier.