An aerial shot of the Grand Lisboa Palace at night.

Grand Lisboa Palace

The Grand Lisboa Palace stays true to its name. The Palace, built with a HK$39B investment seamlessly intertwines Chinese and Western Culture. Huayi was privileged to be a part of this grand project, providing lighting fixtures and landscape lighting in the resort as well as indoor lighting for its hotels and shopping centre.

Chandelier in one of the many hotels at the Grand Lisboa Palace.

Timeless Luxury.

The various hotel's indoor lighting brings together the concepts of French Romance and Chinese Elegance featuring large, unused spaces complimented by palatial lighting fixtures and chandeliers.

A front on view of the way the outdoor lighting accentuates the structure of the Grand Lisboa Palace.

Elegant Exteriors.

Lighting is built to add, not take away. The Palace's high towers and exterior features are accentuated and brought to light through a combination of floodlight strips, wall lights and buried lights. This creates an atmosphere of elegance and grandeur as guests see and enter the Grand Lisboa Palace.

Palazzo Versace Macau Hotel Lobby