Image of the Galaxy Resort Macau in its brilliance, lighting the night sky.

Galaxy Resort Macau

Galaxy Macau is a five-star resort officially opened in 2011, with an investment of HK$14.9 billion. Featuring 2,200 rooms throughout its five hotels, it is the personification of luxury. So we ensured that it's facade lighting was an accurate reflection of who they are.

A front on view one of the Galaxy Resort Macau's entrances.

Superior Lighting.

The Outdoor Facade Lighting aims to give guests an inkling in to the experience they are about to have. It breathes nodes of opulence and luxury into the night sky, elevating expectations and instilling a sense of excitement into those who are touched by its glow.

A view of the pillars of the Galaxy Resort, lit up at night.

Accentuated Affluence.

The exterior lights were built to light the hotel from a specific angle, calculated to create the most enticing and desirable lighting effect. This not only ties the facade lighting together, but additionally focuses attention on the magnificent shape, three dimensionality and decorative stone material used on the building's exterior.

A spectacular front-on-view of what the Resort looks like in the evening, with all its facade lighting on.