An aerial view of the Noida Advant Navis Business Park from afar.

Advant Navis Business Park

The Advant Navis Business Park in Noida, India is a wonder of modern day landscaping. Combining contemporary architecture with nodes of innovation the Park is a site few can miss on the Greater Noida Highway.

A fountain outside set up so that when flowing, the lights underneath give the appearance that the water is a specific colour.

Colour Combinations.

Completed with some of the most vibrant colours you will ever see, from various hues of purples and reds to magnificently lively greens it is certainly a sight for sore eyes, instilling in all who come to the park a subtle sense of excitement and vigour.

A architectural drawing outlying the various position Huayi's lights will be placed.

Detailed Design.

In order to get the incredible, multi-coloured lighting effect that gives the facade of the Noida Advant Business Park such vibrant glow, a variety of the highest quality LED and strip lights were used. Ensuring that the Park will light up the night sky, uninterruptedly for years to come.

An image of the Noida Advant Navis Business Park at night.