Wall Washer Light Series

The LED wall washer series provide light washing to the wall as clean as water, mainly used at architectural lighting to outstanding the overall structure of buildings or its construction. waterproof with IP65. Brimless connection and uniformly bright. Suitable for Individual buildings, Outline lighting, Hotel lighting, Landscape lighting and Billboard.

COB Spot Light Series

COB down light is important for commercial or hospitality area applications. A good down light can create attractive ambience and sharpen the space. HUAYI’s new series "Insight", covers all types of down light for flexible applications.

SMD Downlight Series

SMD down light is widely used in public areas. It provide a wide flood and even light effect, brighten the whole space.

IP65 Spot Light Series

HUAYI has a series of spot lights which can be used in the wet areas. The spot light protection class reaches IP65, good for washrooms, bathrooms and other areas application.

Surface Mounted Downlight Series

Surface down light is widely used in some positions without false ceiling. The mounted method is easy to attach the light to the solid ceiling. Round&Square options are available for different design requirements.

Modular Spot Light Series

Excellent industrial design appearance module with various parts optional, a single module can be equipped with various face rings easily, able to install separately, matching through the combination of various face rings with the same hole size cut and adapted to wall washincLamps. Able to achieve adjustable-angle spotlights, fixed spotlights.

Multiple Recessed Downlight Series

Multiple recessed downlight, frame type structure, duck-billed anti-dazzle, ultra narrow side outerring/endless, full diameter lighting, 355 degree rotation and a 30 degree tile. A variety of options. Used to indoor lighting places, higher installation requirements and light control of public lighting areas.

Grille Spot Light Series

A new trend of light applications. Using a linear type of small grille light to reach external glareless effect. The simple design keeps the ceiling looking neat.

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