Tianjin Grand Theatre

The Tianjin Grand Theatre is the center-piece of the Tianjin Cultural Center. We were asked to provide lighting for the gallery, concert, stage and outer wall of the theatre. Using advanced lighting technology, Huayi was able to install adaptive lighting to the theatre to ensure lasting lighting flexibility.

Smoothly Sophisticated

The general lighting for the theatre is extremely complex, having to take in to account lighting flexibility at such large scale, as well as the prevention of any glossy aesthetics and shadows. In order to accomplish these things, translucent tubes were used alongside innovative and construction.

Elegant Illumination

These lights were designed specifically to illuminate and draw attention to the organ and nothing else. In order to obtain this effect, each light's beam angle had to be individually configured, while the inner surfaces of the fixture all had to be painted matt black, in order to prevent any unwanted light diffusion.