The White Swan Hotel at dusk, with a beautiful view of the white swam lake in front of it.

The White Swan Hotel

With old Guangzhou being so beautiful and full of culture and modern Yuantai being so innovative and modern, the White Swan Hotel was intentionally designed to give tribute to both. So in this masterpiece, tradition meets innovation as they are harmoniously intertwined throughout the Hotel.

An inside look of the hotel's lobby and foyer area.

Nodes of Nature.

The design of the White Swan Hotel introduces nodes of nature as it draws inspiration from Traditional Chinese gardens. Through the addition of this natural aspect, accompanied and emphasised by our lighting, a cool and relaxing atmosphere is created in the hotel.

An image of one of the meeting rooms inside of the White Swan Hotel.

Simplistic Sophistication.

The lighting in each room has been meticulously designed to reflect the luxury and elegance that are part of the Hotel's core values. Stunning chandeliers inspire a sense of awe and wonder in all who are touched by their glow.

An image of a room with a revolving dining table and beautiful pendant light chandelier above it.


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