Customised Lighting

Customised lighting is a striking and effective way to give hotel and other hospitality guests a memorable and unique experience. An experience that will set you apart from the rest, who order lighting, among other things from a catalogue. Instead of 1/1 pieces adorning their entrances and hallways, their pieces are 1/501. Explore with us the world of 1/1 customised lighting.

Types of Customised Lighting

Customised lighting comes in various shapes and forms, from extremely large and sophisticated to simple and unique. It encompasses crystal chandeliers, custom table lamps and wall sconces, and custom decorative creations for theme parks and other places. Custom pieces manufactured by us sit in international sports stadiums, beloved theme parks, government complexes and luxury hotels. Continue reading as we outline the process of designing such a creation.

The Process of Design

The process of designing your piece/s, is one of the most important, but also enjoyable stages of the process. It is where you give us a design, or make one from inspiration and ideas you give to our designers. You come to our factory, and choose the materials, size and look and feel of your light. The design is then done, and finalised with your approval. Next is manufacturing…

The Process of Manufacturing

Customised lighting cannot be done by anyone, anywhere. It takes a specific skill set, and very specialised machinery to be able to bring to life whatever you design. In our hardware workshop, and most often time by meticulously trained hands, instead of machines, you 1 of 1 creations are brought to life.

The Process of Packaging

After all of the components for your custom piece have been made, a trial installation is done to ensure the light functions, and looks exactly as was designed. Once the trial installation is deemed successful, the light is dismantled, carefully packaged in a way that ensures the protection of each individual part over the course of shipping it safely to you.

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