Zhuhai Changlong Ocean Kingdom

The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a Theme Park situated in the Chinese Province of Zhuhai, which is known for holding the World Record for the largest aquarium in the world. In 2013 we provided them with a comprehensive set of lighting solutions including landscape lighting, artistic lamp posts and its 5D Castle Cinema floodlighting.

Fantastical Feelings.

To create a magical atmosphere reflective of the experience such a place should give, we tried to encapsulate the "Spirit of Lighting" through implementing various colours including purple, green and blue. It is the combination of these colours that aid and emphasise the fantastical feelings you feel as you explore this place of wonder.

Magical Melody.

The snow mountain is one of the show-stopping features of the Kingdom, and through anti-glare lamps and lanterns, accompanied with warm lights on the side, feelings of fantasy are felt by all those who see it. Ensuring our lights not only make it visible, but make it magical.