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Versions preservation heritage, is an important historical mission of Chinese dynasties National Versions Museum as China's 14th Five-Year Plan boutique heirloom project is the national version of the resource pool and the gene pool of Chinese cultural seeds. Huayi, throughout the construction of the lighting project of the Central Headquarters, continues to illuminate the journey of China's great rejuvenation with the light of Chinese civilisation.


△Chinese National Edition Library

The National Museum of China is another important "national examination" in which Huayi participated after serving the Central Gift and Cultural Relics Management Centre.


With a floor area of 99,500 square metres, the Central Main Library has a collection of over 16 million edition resources, ranging from ancient texts through the ages to the first line of code for health codes, and is responsible for national edition resource planning and coordination, collection display, research and exchange functions. The construction therefore requires the preservation and safety of all types of editions as the first priority, and seeks to highlight the long history of China's 5,000-year civilisation and the style of a great cultural power.



△Central Main Building Foyer - Wen Xing Building (outside)


The project was designed by THAD Tsinghua Institute of Architectural Design and Research, with Huayi providing the overall solution of non-standard customised lighting. Under the design concept of "Continuing the Cultural Lineage" and the project positioning of "National Heritage Project", Huayi gave full play to its technical advantages in non-standard customisation and lighting engineering to create customised lighting for the Wenxing Building, Wenhua Hall, Wenhan Pavilion and public areas. The lighting is designed for the Wenxing Building, Wenhua Hall, Wenhan Pavilion and public areas.




Traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology 

Creating a national cultural hall for a new era


Foyer - Wen Xing Building


The Wenxing Building is the foyer of the National Edition, with a ceiling in the shape of a Shang and Zhou palace with a giant circular ceiling light created by Huayi in the centre, reflecting the theme mural of 'Mountains and Rivers', highlighting the Chinese cultural concept of the circle of heaven and earth.


Using traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology, the brass hollowing of the lamp uses an ancient dewaxing process to carve a chi dragon motif, signifying fire and disaster resistance; the outer ring is made of a new polymer material with a crystal-like texture, custom-made to create a total of 48 pieces of highly translucent lampshade in 4 arcs, with precision cutting to achieve a seamless fit. The whole lamp is clearly layered, with a simple and dignified decorative style that demonstrates the cultural confidence of a great nation.



△Central Main Building Foyer - Wen Xing Building (inside)


Main Hall - Mandarin Hall


The Wenhua Hall is the main pavilion of the National Editions Museum, with the National Study Hall in the centre, which has a height of 13 metres and an area of over 1,300 square metres, displaying over 30,000 volumes of ancient and modern books. The circular astronomical dome in the central octagonal algae well was created by Huayi and is a precise light reproduction of the astronomical map of the Southern Song Dynasty inscriptions.



△Central Main Library Main Pavilion - National Bookstore, Culture Hall



△National Bookstore Astronomical Dome


The astronomical dome has a diameter of 12 metres and the Arctic circle is made of A-grade high-transmittance light film, which is white and delicate; the rest of the dome is decorated with 1,434 LED point light sources and more than 200 linear light sources according to the 28 lines of longitude marked on the astronomical chart inscribed on the Southern Song Dynasty inscriptions, and through the integrated acousto-optic control system, the entire astronomical chart is illuminated according to the set track, presenting the 28 astrological stars, symbolising Chinese culture as a vast starry sky.




Core - Wenham Court

Wen Han Ge is the core building of the National Editions Museum. Inside the pavilion, valuable ancient books and publications are displayed, focusing on the original photocopies of the Siku Quanshu, Yongle Da Dian and the Ancient and Modern Book Collection, as well as photocopies of selected ancient books and the original engraved and brushed copies, so the lighting and temperature and humidity conditions of the environment in which the editions are kept are extremely demanding.


△Conference Hall, 4/F, Wenham Court


Huayi undertook the design and manufacture of the lighting supply for the conference hall on the 4th floor of Wen Han Court to create the central ceiling light symbolising "completeness". The inner light-transmitting part is made by moulding the whole lamp, with peony decoration engraved on the surface, and is formed in one piece without cutting according to the designer's requirements, with no splicing and no breakage in the finished product.




In addition, this project also covers a number of VIP rooms, meeting rooms and some public areas, where Huayi creates unique cultural characteristics of large decorative ceiling lights according to different versions of the collection and space functions, fully meeting the construction needs of the designer and the museum.


High standard construction, high quality delivery


As a national key project, the National Version of the Museum, with its tight project schedule, difficult modelling design, complex design deepening and numerous new processes, posed many challenges for this project. During the construction process, the Huayi team successfully completed the project with the innovative service model of national high standard construction, lean engineering service system and delivery of architectural and cultural values.



▲Huayi Factory Trial Hanging



▲On-site installation by the Huayi team


After three years of construction, Huayi has always adhered to international first-class high standards and high quality construction: for the preservation and safety of various versions, the Huayi team went through a lot of calculations and simulations, and repeatedly verified different materials and lighting solutions; for the special structural design and the high-precision requirements of the splicing joints, Huayi carried out overall moulding for special shapes, and implemented precision cutting for some components, finally presenting a unique and uniform interior decoration and lighting effect for each space, which has won the unanimous praise of the National Museum of Chinese Versions and the construction partners.


  From "no absence from the event" to "no absence from the world", in the future, Huayi will base on the panoramic vision of Chinese civilization, Chinese history and the inheritance and development of the Chinese nation, continue to demonstrate the powerful influence of "high-end lighting leader", actively participate in the lighting lighting project "national examination", and continue to illuminate the journey of great rejuvenation with the light of Chinese civilization!





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