Municipal Party Secretary and town government recognition! Huayi Lighting was awarded three commendations including Outstanding Enterprise for Digital Intelligent Transformation in 2022 Guzhen Town

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2023-03-31 16:19


On March 21, Guzhen Town held a high-profile conference on "Adhering to the manufacturing industry as the head - promoting entrepreneurship". The meeting invited Guo Wenhai, secretary of the Zhongshan Municipal Committee, Kuang Zhi, secretary of the Guzhen Party Committee and other town leaders, association scholars and industry representatives, nearly 600 people, around the industrial economy, intelligent upgrading and other hot spots, to promote the high-quality economic development of Guzhen mobilization and deployment. Huayi Lighting was invited to attend the meeting and was awarded three government honours in recognition of:

【2022 Outstanding Contribution to Taxation in Guzhen Town】

【2022 Outstanding Contribution to the Economic Development of Guzhen Township】

【2022 Outstanding Enterprise for Digital Intelligent Transformation in Guzhen Town】


△Guzhen "insist on the manufacturing industry in charge - promote entrepreneurship" conference


Insisting on manufacturing as the home to lead high-quality development

Kuang Zhi, Party Secretary of Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, said at the conference, "We held a grand Guzhen Town adhere to the manufacturing industry when the promotion of entrepreneurship conference, but also the first time in the history of Guzhen Town so high profile, so grand, so large to recognize the contribution of entrepreneurs."


In the previously held Guzhen Town High Quality Development Conference, Huayi Group Chairman District Pennant as an enterprise representative introduced Huayi's innovative achievements in lighting manufacturing, intelligent upgrading, brand communication and other aspects of exploration and practice, indicating that Huayi will unswervingly adhere to the manufacturing industry as the home, strengthen and refine and specialize in lighting manufacturing, reconstruct the enterprise organization, professional capabilities, product system, domestic and international expansion channels, as well as digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the road, continue to play a good role in enhancing the core competitiveness of the Guzhen lighting industry leader.

01Under the care and support of the municipal government and the district government, the company continued to outperform the general market in the extremely special and challenging year of 2022, actively implementing the requirements of the municipal party committee and the town government to "stabilize the economy and develop" and achieving new breakthroughs in diversified development: launching nearly 100 models of original lighting, iterating and upgrading the intelligent product system 2.0, smooth delivery of lighting projects for international events such as the Qatar World Cup, and always adhere to law-abiding operations, pay taxes in good faith, actively fulfill social responsibilities, and contribute to the economic development of Guzhen.


Huayi has accompanied the rise of Guzhen to achieve leading development, while not forgetting to drive industry innovation and industrial upgrading, always upholding the development concept of investing local funds, paying local taxes and feeding local development, and fully assisting the high-quality development of Guzhen's real economy.



Intelligent innovation, digitally driven


High-quality development depends on the enterprise, only high-quality enterprise development, Guzhen can be high-quality development. Digitalization and intelligence are the top priorities in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the traditional manufacturing industry. As a major town in China's lighting industry, the speed and quality of intelligent upgrading of enterprises in the town will determine the direction of Guzhen's lighting industry in the Internet of Things era.


At the time of the new round of technological revolution and industrial upgrading, Huayi is promoting the deployment of intelligent strategies and driving the digital upgrading of the industry with unprecedented intensity. In recent years, Huayi has been increasing its investment in product development and innovation, insisting on the combination of original lighting design and specialised lighting to create a highly competitive high-end lighting product system, as well as a full-scene intelligent lighting solution to fully meet the market's new consumer needs.


In addition, through the combination of digitalization of production operations and digitalization of marketing model, Huayi has promoted the Group's comprehensive digitalization construction, realized the rapid and accurate transmission and application of product development data and business data of various departments, efficiently improved the internal synergy of R&D, production and supply departments, and achieved remarkable results in delivery efficiency, operational turnover, quality improvement and factory automation. 2022, Huayi was successfully selected as In 2022, Huayi was successfully selected as one of the first batch of innovative enterprises at the provincial level, which opened the door for the advancement to a specialised and new enterprise!





▸Huayi Modern Smart Museum ◂

Thanks to the digital upgrade in manufacturing, technology development and other areas, Huayi actively uses cloud computing, IOT, AI, AR and other technologies to promote offline online three-dimensional, digital marketing and continue to transcend the boundaries of products, scenes and business. 2023, Huayi re-released the modern intelligent pavilion and the industry's first meta-universe showroom to deeply enhance the digitalisation of shops, professional design and the ability to provide solutions. Realising the transformation from traditional marketing to big data marketing and creating a more valuable experience for customers and consumers.

Huayi lighting, the future will continue to go beyond the boundaries of the road of digital, intelligent empowerment of high-quality development for the economic development of Guzhen!




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