Front view of the Tianjin Polo Club at night.

Tianjin Polo Club

As the sole lighting supplier for the Tianjin Polo Club, we felt a great need to deliver lighting better than Tianjin could have ever hoped for. It being a Polo Club, it was imperative we convey and reflect the sophisticated and higher-class nature of Polo in the lighting of the club. Through various lighting fixtures and a well-thought out lighting design, the sense of elevation within the club is undeniable.

A chandelier above a statue of a person on a horse playing polo.

Perfectly Proper

Being one of the sports most associated with royalty, this club had to feel fit for a King. With exquisite chandeliers, boasting a subtle, but powerful sense of maturity and class we have attempted to encapsulate the phrase "made for royalty."

Elegant Illumination

As you can see an overall theme of the Club is a moody, relatively dark atmosphere. A goldilocks situation of being not too light, and not too dark but just light enough. Following this theme, our lighting serves to light, but more so decorate and add depth to the surrounding space.

Chandelier lighting a restaurant/eating area.